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Real-time Intraday Scans (VWAP RTS)

A down-to-the-millisecond alerts platform that tags and tracks every instance of the three primary trade setups I teach across a universe of stocks. Imagine having a precise, lightning-fast trader capable of scanning the entire market sitting by your side, calling out (and monitoring) dozens of candidate tickers the exact moment they meet the explicit conditions I’ve hand-coded.

Detailed customization and filtering available — all requiring no code, no user input and no additional market data.

Live Coaching Room

While the scanner is hard at work finding trade setups, we’re analyzing them as they happen — both evaluating new positions and reaffirming the strategy taught in live coaching. It’s not about what I’m trading, because unlike other chatrooms, the scanner does the heavy lifting — which means I’m free to provide ongoing group coaching every day. My students are more than students — they’re my traders — my team, and I want to talk (and screenshare!) with them whenever I can.

Daily Broadcasts

In the middle of each trading day I broadcast exclusively to the VWAP community to cover live trade examples, trader psychology, systemization/coding, applying VWAP to futures and options, and (most importantly) answer any questions. Can’t attend or missed a day? We record every broadcast so you can watch (or re-watch) hundreds of hours of coaching material whenever you want.

VWAP Chart Library

Gain access to a massive number of example charts showing VWAP trades of all different variations (different trade types, time frames, and time of day). Each chart is part of my personally-identified collection — hundreds of examples of the strategy in action, spanning several years, market conditions, and setup outcomes.

This strategy works, but don’t take my word for it — the evidence is right here.

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Free one-week trials available upon request. For coaching students only.