Importing TheVWAP HighLow

Step 1 – Download the code by clicking on the link in the email. The download will appear as a zipped folder called “TheVWAP HighLow”. Right-click the folder and select “Extract All”, choose your desired destination for the unzipped folder, and then click “Extract”.

Step 2 – Your unzipped folder should contain one TOS code files. It may appear as Audio/Video files, but this is just due to thinkorswim’s “.ts” file extension making your PC think they’re something other than TOS code. Have no fear, this is normal.

Step 3 – Open ThinkOrSwim and pull up any blank chart. Right-click anywhere within the chart, mouse over “Studies”, and click “Edit Studies”. You can also use the key combination [Control+E] to access the Edit Studies window from any chart.

Step 4 – Click “Import…” to pull up the “Load STUDY” window and browse through the drop-down menu to locate the unzipped folder saved on your computer. Open the folder, highlight the study, and click “Open”.

Step 5 – The study has now been loaded onto your platform, but you still need to add it to your chart. Use the search bar on the left hand side to find the indicator you just imported — searching for “HighLow” is an easy shortcut. Next, click “Add selected”, and then click “Apply”. You can also right-click the study and choose to rename it like we’ve done here.

Step 6 – Congratulations, you’ve successfully uploaded the study! Start experimenting with the settings to get a feel for its functionality.