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The last trading course you’ll ever need.

8+ hours of instruction and ongoing chatroom access.

Get instant access to 24 video lessons covering key concepts like:

  • Applying standard deviation bands to characterize chart behavior
  • Identifying and evaluating our four primary intraday trade setups
  • Interpreting the slope of VWAP to discern market health and style
  • Anchoring long-term VWAPs to critical events
  • Prioritizing the best setups and creating a trade plan
  • Controlling your risk and managing ongoing trades

Ryan Nieto

Zach brings logic and clarity to a market full of noise and chaos. TheVWAP’s system is simple, straightforward and supported with so much quality educational content — not to mention the custom VWAP indicators, which are phenomenal — and they go above and beyond whenever I’ve reached out for guidance. I wish other courses and trading coaches were like this!

I’ve been through so many trading education programs but this is the first that’s resonated with me. VWAP has been nothing short of transformative for my charts, and I use Zach’s indicators everyday, especially DateVWAP and HighLow, for my swing trading and options plays. It’s crazy how often multiday VWAPs act as support or resistance… it feels like a cheat code for technical analysis. I can’t imagine trading without VWAP, it’d be like flying blind.

Joe Wilfong

Course Modules

Lesson 1: Intraday VWAP Indicators Overview + Applications

Lesson 2: Creating a Better Binary with VWAP

Lesson 3: VWAP Slope and Implications

Lesson 4: Standard Deviation Bands

Lesson 5: Zach’s Four Primary Trade Types

Lesson 6: Additional Intraday Price Patterns

Lesson 7: Trading in a Countertrend Environment

Lesson 8: Capitalizing on Transitional Phases

Lesson 9: Multiday VWAP Philosophy

Lesson 10: Date VWAP Indicator Overview + Applications

Lesson 11: Event VWAP Indicator Overview  + Applications

Lesson 12: Validating Multiday Anchor Points

Lesson 13: Prioritizing Intraday or Multiday VWAPs

Lesson 14: Adding Multiday Context to Intraday Trading

Lesson 15: Developing a Trade Plan

Lesson 16: Evaluating Potential Trade Setups

Lesson 17: Risk & Trade Management

Lesson 18: Six Cylinders and the Cycle of Successful Trading

Lesson 19: Common Psychological Hurdles

Lesson 20: Average Volume Indicator Overview

Lesson 21: ThinkOrSwim Grid Layouts

Lesson 22: Additional Q&A

Lesson 23: Intraday Trade Examples

Lesson 24: Multiday Trade Examples

Connect, contribute, and ask questions.

Our chatroom is intentionally designed to be more an ongoing learning environment rather than a real-time alerts distributor (we already have one of those). Meet other traders, post charts for feedback and message us with questions when necessary.

We still recap trades and discuss some setups as they occur, but our goal is to turn you into a self-sufficient trader that doesn’t need to rely on a steady stream of recommendations from others. And we don’t charge for the chatroom, so you never have to feel pressured to keep paying a monthly subscription just to maintain that sense of community.

Start trading with clarity.

VWAP On-Demand FAQ

What do I need to know before I get started?

A preliminary understanding of the markets — basic knowledge of technical analysis, risk management and introductory trading principles — should be more than sufficient.

We’ve streamlined the curriculum such that an advanced understanding of VWAP is certainly helpful but not required. To get a head start, check out our free introductory toolkit if you haven’t already.

What happens after I sign up?

After checkout you’ll receive an email detailing everything you need, including instructions on how to access our member portal. From there you’ll be able to view the included video lessons, custom indicators, chart gallery and chatroom.

How do I download and install the custom indicators?

The custom code is available for download in the member portal, where you’ll also find step-by-step instructions on how to import and add the studies to your charts for thinkorswim, NinjaTrader and TradingView.

Can VWAP be used for swing trading, options, small caps, etc?

While we focus on equities and use them for the majority of chart examples during the lessons, this strategy can absolutely be applied to other trading vehicles. Zach has worked with tons of options and futures traders for whom VWAP became an intuitive approach to determining market type and direction.