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8+ hours of instruction and ongoing chatroom access.

Get instant access to 24 video lessons covering key concepts like:

Applying standard deviation bands to characterize chart behavior Identifying and evaluating our four primary intraday trade setups Interpreting the slope of VWAP to discern market health and style Anchoring long-term VWAPs to critical events Prioritizing the best setups and creating a trade plan Controlling your risk and managing ongoing trades

Ryan Nieto

Zach brings logic and clarity to a market full of noise and chaos. TheVWAP’s system is simple, straightforward and supported with so much quality educational content — not to mention the custom VWAP indicators, which are phenomenal — and they’ve gone above and beyond whenever I’ve reached out for guidance.

I’ve been through so many trading education programs but this is the first that’s resonated with me. VWAP has been nothing short of transformative for my charts, and I use Zach’s indicators everyday, especially DateVWAP and HighLow, for my swing trading and options plays. It’s crazy how often multiday VWAPs act as support or resistance… it feels like a cheat code for technical analysis. I can’t imagine trading without VWAP, it’d be like flying blind.

Joe Wilfong

Course Overview

The video modules are split into five sections — Intraday, Multiday, Trading Mechanics, Trading Psychology, and Bonus.

Section 1: Intraday


Why VWAP works Standard deviation bands Trending vs consolidation Measuring VWAP intensity Our primary trade setups

Section 2: Multiday


Date-based VWAPs Event-based VWAPs Swing trading applications Identifying anchor points Aligning timeframes

Section 3: Mechanics


Entry/exit criteria Dollar risk vs chart risk Building a trade plan Evaluating setup quality Managing winning trades

Section 4: Psychology


Results vs process Cycle of successful trading Limiting mental pitfalls Conserving mental capital Patience vs pressing

Section 5: Bonus


Chart layouts + uses Analyzing volume patterns Common questions Intraday chart review Multiday chart review

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