VWAP Trading Education

An intensive two-hour coaching session, taught in a small group format or one-on-one.
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The strategy typically takes five, two-hour sessions to cover completely, all of which are scheduled and billed separately. Each section is completely modular, so you’ll learn the essentials required to begin trading the strategy competently by the end of the first session.
Every student has direct access to me by Skype or telephone on essentially a 24/7 basis. I welcome follow-ups after sessions or any quick questions you may have, free of charge, because you’re one of my traders — not merely a client.
Every student receives the same indicators I use everyday to gauge market direction, strength, setup type and credibility. Hand-crafted tools created by me — the trader zealous enough to spend the past five years building this interpretive strategy into an approach any trader can utilize. ​

The Concept

My strategy expands VWAP from a single intraday indicator to include standard deviation bands, a variety of custom measurement studies, and multiday VWAPs. Covering both trend and counter-trend, my approach gives you insight into the institutional trading world and how you can exploit it.

Trading VWAP is letting the market tell you where support and resistance is located, not the other way around.

First Session


The essentials of my VWAP strategy, covering how institutional traders utilize VWAP and how you can benefit from it. Learn how to identify otherwise hidden support and resistance through the four primary trade setups I look for, with entry/exit criteria as well as market direction and strength assessment.

Any student who completes the first session becomes eligible for monthly access to TheVWAP — our real-time scanner, community chat room, webinars, and chart library.

Second Session


The second session addresses market qualification through the use of VWAP’s slope in addition to trade management and prioritization of which trades to take. This session introduces the concept of a singular additional multiday VWAP and expands our intraday philosophy to other timeframes.

Third Session


This session covers the use of multiple multiday VWAP benchmarks simultaneously, considering the market as a hierarchy of support and resistance over interwoven timeframes, and covering the applicability of VWAP to swing trading and short-term position trading. Includes an extensive discussion on your trading ‘rhythm’ and operational plan, as well as dispelling common myths about successful trading.

Fourth Session


Learn how to optimize VWAP trade selection and advanced trade management tactics. Paralleling option traders’ quest to compare historical and implied volatility, we VWAP traders can now compare current action to historical, leveraging an understanding of context and how typical (or atypical) the current market environment is.

Fifth Session


Trade with me! Follow along side-by-side as we trade through a historical day (of your choosing) together. If you’ve ever wondered what I see — and how I see it — you’ll get a firsthand look at how I identify and evaluate opportunities in a moving market. It’s not just about watching me — I’ll better understand your motivations and fears by sharing in the uncertainty (and triumph!) alongside you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not, each coaching session provides substantial value by detailing different aspects of the strategy. Each session builds upon the information presented in the prior session and leads to a better overall understanding of what I teach, but it only takes one session to receive the foundation required to begin trading the strategy.
Absolutely, sessions span two hours but can be broken up into two one-hour sessions taught at different times for no additional charge.
Every piece of custom code I’ve written is available on the free ThinkorSwim platform (from TD Ameritrade). Please note you DO NOT need a funded account; merely the basic, free platform which provides access to the custom coding environment as well as real-time charting data (again – free!).

I’ll send you step-by-step instructions on importing and applying the studies ahead of our first session.

I’ve coached high-school dropouts and Ph.D.s (and everyone in between). Although I personally focus on equities, I’ve worked with dozens of options and futures traders for whom my strategy unlocked an intuitive approach to determining market type and direction. Simply put — VWAP helps traders of all shapes and sizes (with the exception of Forex – sorry! No volume means no VWAP).
While current coaching students have ongoing access to me via Skype and telephone, you can always reach me by email or by reaching out on Twitter.
Absolutely not — I cover everything you’ll need to know to get started using this strategy on our first coaching call.
No, the strategy has been simplified down into a very user-friendly interface and is taught with a background of the philosophy that makes it effective, paying less attention to the math involved.

I listed out a few reasons that I find VWAP to be superior to other forms of technical analysis here.
Unfortunately, I didn’t invent VWAP — it’s been around for decades (first invented by John Q. VWAP, of Morgan Stanley – ha). As such, there’s nothing for me to keep to myself. VWAP is vastly underutilized by independent traders but widely accepted by the institutional community as an integral element of the markets.

Because it’s no secret to any professional trader, my motivation is to better equip those working independently with the best tools for the job. I simply don’t have anything to lose by sharing this strategy, seeing as I’m not worried about competition from other educators (since nobody else has spent years studying this approach) nor from other traders (since I’m trading liquid, gigantic names, there’s no competition for fills).

And as you know, trading is an extremely solitary profession — I get personal fulfillment out of connecting with other traders and seeing them succeed. I’ve been a natural teacher ever since my days as a head tutor at Tufts University and love guiding others towards their own “Eureka!” moment.

“Honestly, I never expected I’d be at this level with my trading. I never thought of myself as a coder or advanced swing trader or anything like that… but now that I am, I realize I how far I’ve come with your help.

You’ve always made yourself accessible as a mentor, and you’re someone that I can talk to openly. Connecting with the ‘trading gurus’ is impossible, because they’re too busy running a huge chat room to care about any one student. I’ve spent thousands on other education, but nobody else seemed to have a genuine interest in my trading development. You’re not only interested in my progress, I can tell you’re dedicated to it.

It’s immediately apparent when someone treats teaching and coaching like a chore, versus someone who’s passionate and talented like you. You’ve always been willing to drop whatever you’re doing and jump on a call when I need help or advice (even at crazy hours), and you’ve never once made me feel intimidated or inferior for struggling to understand something you were explaining.

The difference in my trading compared to a year ago is like night and day thanks to what you’ve taught me.”

Jason Coutant

– Student of the market

Grab a strategy session – $250 for an intensive two hours.