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You'll receive instant access to our member portal, which includes:

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16 hours of in-depth instruction.

Detailed video lessons covering key concepts like:

Applying VWAP and deviation bands to interpret price action

Identifying and evaluating our four primary trade setups

Using the slope of VWAP to assess market type and intensity

Anchoring longer-term VWAPs for higher timeframe analysis

Entry/exit criteria, defining your risk, and managing trades

Comprehensive tutorials on all of our custom indicators

A unique set of custom tools.

We use several tailor-made indicators every day, all of which you'll receive lifetime access to. Collectively, they give you the ability to:

Plot VWAPs and standard deviation bands of any duration

Manually or auto-anchor VWAPs to any point on a chart

Measure and monitor the slope of intraday VWAP

Track key VWAP metrics in a consolidated dashboard

Available for thinkorswim, TradingView, NT8, and Tradestation. To learn more, click here for detailed descriptions of each indicator.

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This presentation is for educational purposes only and the opinions expressed are those of the presenter only. All trades presented should be considered hypothetical and should not be expected to be replicated in a live trading account.

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Discussing potential setups as they develop

Evaluating the primary US indices using VWAP

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A small collection of feedback pulled straight from our Discord server.

A collection of feedback pulled straight from our Discord.

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These testimonials should not be taken as a guarantee of future performance or success. That said, they're all real traders from our chatroom and none were compensated.

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What does the course cover?

The video lessons are divided into five sections — Intraday VWAP, Anchored VWAP, Mechanics, Psychology, and Bonus.

Intraday VWAP

Why VWAP is effective

Standard deviation bands

Trending vs consolidation

Measuring VWAP intensity

Our primary trade setups

Anchored VWAP

Identifying anchor points

Date-anchored VWAPs

Event-anchored VWAPs

Using multiple timeframes

Swing trading with VWAP

Trade Mechanics

Evaluating setup quality

Setup entry/exit criteria

Defining + managing risk

Building your trade plan

Managing winning trades


Building positive habits

Results vs development

Limiting mental pitfalls

Conservation of capital

Patience vs pressing


Analyzing volume data

Chart layouts + uses

Common questions

Intraday chart review

Multiday chart review

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Lifetime Access — $550

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up, you'll be able to log into our member portal at any time to watch the course, download the indicators, or view the chart gallery. It also includes an invite link to join our community chatroom, as well as several tutorial videos to help get you up to speed ASAP.

What information does the course include?

Our course curriculum covers every aspect of the strategy we trade and teach. We discuss how we use VWAP and deviation bands to analyze any chart, assess its current direction and strength, identify likely support/resistance zones, and enter/manage/exit trades based on that knowledge.

We also cover more general trading concepts as well like defining and managing risk, selecting which markets and instruments to focus on, and setting up your charts.

And for those interested, we have plenty of additional modules discussing the mental side of trading — common hurdles, bad habits, managing mistakes, etc.

How do I get the custom indicators on my charts?

Our member portal contains step-by-step instructions for adding the indicators to all four of the available platforms — thinkorswim, TradingView, NinjaTrader 8, and TradeStation.

We’ve worked to make the process as seamless as possible, but you can always reach out if you’re having any trouble.

Can this be implemented using options?

Absolutely, and the nuances of using options with our approach is something we discuss in the course and often in the chatroom as well. This includes strike/expiration selection, the ways in which risk management can differ with options versus shares, and more.

Two of our chatroom moderators frequently trades SPY/SPX options, and we have many members that trade both SPY/SPX and single-list equity options as well.

Can this strategy be used for swing trading?

Yes. One of the sections of the course focuses on all the different ways we utilize longer-term anchored VWAPs, both for swing trading and to provide additional intraday context for day trading. We also provide tutorials on how we use our primary anchored VWAP indicator — DateVWAP — to implement those concepts.

It's safe to say that the majority of our members are intraday-focused, but we have plenty of swing traders utilizing this framework as well.

Can this strategy be applied to futures trading?

Yes, and many of our members trade futures exclusively. As long as the markets you’re focusing on are consistently liquid — ES, NQ, CL, GC, etc. — then you're good to go. We even have traders that focus on currency and bond futures as well.

A lot of our available video lessons use equities charts and terminology to initially teach our strategy, but the same concepts are directly applicable to futures. To demonstrate, you can click here to view some futures-specific chart examples.

And in our chatroom, we actively track and evaluate the S&P and NASDAQ E-minis through the lens of VWAP every day — identifying key levels to watch and providing commentary on the trickle-down effect their performance has on equities and other markets.

What kind of stocks do you recommend trading with this strategy?

For those trading equities, you should be focusing on charts that trade with sufficient and consistent liquidity. There are companies in all different price ranges that fit this criteria — small, mid and large caps.

Ultimately, we recommened narrowing your focus to only a handful of names that can provide opportunities on a consistent basis. We have video lessons discussing the process of choosing your target market(s), and you're welcome to reach out with questions after signing up as well.

Can this strategy be applied to cryptocurrencies?

Yes, but with the necessary caveat that the coin in question trades with sufficient liquidity. The obvious candidates matching this condition are Bitcoin and Ethereum, but some other more prominent coins are applicable as well. You can click here to view some chart examples of those particular markets.