Grab our free introductory toolkit — including an eBook, custom indicators, video lessons, and more.

Grab our free introductory toolkit — including an eBook, custom indicators, and more.

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What's included?

After signing up you'll receive immediate access to our member portal, where you'll find:

Over 8 hours of video modules

Six custom-coded VWAP indicators

Free community membership

Q&A and course suggestion forms

Chart gallery with 500+ examples

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In-depth video instruction on key concepts like:

Applying standard deviation bands to characterize chart behavior

Identifying and evaluating our four primary intraday trade setups

Interpreting the slope of VWAP to discern market health and style

Anchoring long-term VWAPs to critical events

Prioritizing the best setups and creating a trade plan

Controlling your risk and managing ongoing trades

Custom indicators you can’t find anywhere else.

Unlock the full potential of volume-weighted average price with a newfound ability to:

Plot standard deviation bands on multiple timeframes

Anchor VWAPs to any point in a chart's history

Track key VWAP metrics in a consolidated dashboard

Measure and monitor the slope of intraday VWAP

The course includes comprehensive tutorials for every indicator, including the role each plays in the implementation of our strategy.

To learn more, click here for detailed descriptions of each indicator.

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Free membership to our community.

All VWAP On-Demand members are invited to join our active community — no subscription fees required. Typically costing $75/month, the community includes a variety of tools designed to help reinforce all of the concepts we cover in the course.

You'll receive free ongoing access to:

Automated alerts of our primary trade types

Intraday live stream for real-time analysis

Active and in-depth chatroom discussion

Priority chat support for any questions

Ben Edmund Original

Ben Edmund

In my mind, my early trading career is broken up into two sections: before and after VWAP. Zach taught me to look at price action from a different angle. I remember feeling like the blindfold was being taken off. Zach has a talent for explaining complex ideas in simple terms, and each of the lessons I learned from the course are tools that I use everyday in my trading.

Joe Wilfong

Joe Wilfong

I’ve been through so many trading education programs but this is the first that’s resonated with me. VWAP has been nothing short of transformative for my charts, and I use Zach’s indicators everyday, especially DateVWAP and HighLow, for my swing trading and options plays. It’s crazy how often multiday VWAPs act as support or resistance… it feels like a cheat code for technical analysis. I can’t imagine trading without VWAP, it’d be like flying blind.

Ray Koura

Ray Koura

VWAP is one of the most powerful tools a trader can use, and the training Zach provided was incredibly clear and insightful. TheVWAP has been a great place to develop a solid understanding of the market, and the materials they provided helped me create a clear trading plan with guidelines for execution. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or his course to any trader.

Chad Darbonne 500x500 1

Chad Darbonne

Zach explained the markets in a way that was easy to understand and implement and I’m trading with much more confidence as a result. I used to be all over the place, but now I feel like my development is on the right path. I wish I’d found VWAP years ago.

James Ferreira 2

James Ferreira

This stuff is amazing and I’m so glad I got the course. The clarity the deviation bands give on where to enter and when to add or sell is insane. It’s changing the way I trade. I’ve never felt so confident while watching a price dip and knowing where it’s likely to rebound… it’s sniper like. So much hidden resistance I had never seen before, and I’m finally catching some big moves.

Mike S

Mike Stolkin

Zach has endless patience and communicates with clarity, and I’m very fortunate that I found him and TheVWAP. He’s a genuine guy and a real trader who will show you how to properly look at the market, and I have immense confidence in his abilities as both a coach and a coder. Trading is a lonely profession and Zach has become a great ally that I can consistently rely on.

Ryan Nieto Headshot

Ryan Nieto

The difference in my trading compared to a year ago is like night and day. I honestly never expected I’d be at this level with my trading, but now that I am I realize how far I’ve come with Zach’s help. I’ve spent thousands on other education, but nobody else seemed to have a genuine interest in my trading development. It’s immediately apparent when someone treats teaching and coaching like a chore, versus someone who’s passionate like Zach. He’s not only interested in my progress, I can tell he’s dedicated to it.

Jason Coutant 500x500 1

Jason Coutant

Zach brings logic and clarity to a market full of noise and chaos. TheVWAP’s strategy is simple, straightforward and supported with so much quality educational content — not to mention the custom VWAP indicators, which are phenomenal — and they’ve gone above and beyond whenever I’ve reached out for guidance. Knowing I’ve found a key piece to my edge within the market has given me the confidence to stop searching for the indicator de jour and instead focus on risk management and execution.

These testimonials should not be taken as a guarantee of future performance or success.

Course Overview

The video modules are split into five sections — Intraday, Multiday, Trading Mechanics, Trading Psychology, and Bonus.
Section 1: Intraday


Why VWAP is effective

Standard deviation bands

Trending vs consolidation

Measuring VWAP intensity

Our primary trade setups

Section 2: Multiday


Identifying anchor points

Date-anchored VWAPs

Event-anchored VWAPs

Aligning timeframes

Swing trading applications

Section 3: Mechanics


Evaluating setup quality

Entry/exit criteria

Dollar risk vs chart risk

Building a trade plan

Managing winning trades

Section 4: Psychology


Cycle of successful trading

Results vs process

Limiting mental pitfalls

Conserving mental capital

Patience vs pressing

Section 5: Bonus


Volume pattern analysis

Chart layouts + uses

Common questions

Intraday chart review

Multiday chart review

Start trading with clarity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before I get started?

A preliminary understanding of the markets — basic knowledge of technical analysis, risk management and introductory trading principles — should be more than sufficient.

We didn’t design the course for absolute beginners, nor for experts or advanced traders exclusively, either. If you have any questions about where you may stand, feel free to reach out.

Will I receive lifetime access?

Absolutely, there’s no time limit on the included material. The course is entirely on-demand so it’s available for you to watch whenever you want and as many times as you like. You'll also have free ongoing access to both the custom indicators and our community, with no ongoing subscription fees necessary.

What information does the course cover?

Our recorded course illustrates VWAP’s potential — to analyze any chart, assess its current direction and strength, identify likely support/resistance zones, and enter/exit trades based on that knowledge — through five detailed sections.

You’ll also learn when and how to apply each of the included custom indicators for both day trading and/or swing trading, allowing you to effectively apply the concepts we discuss, regardless of your trading style.

How do I get the custom indicators on my charts?

The member portal contains step-by-step instructions for adding the indicators to all three of the available platforms — TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim, TradingView, TradeStation, and NinjaTrader 8.

We’ve tried to make the process as seamless as possible, but you can always reach out if you’re having any trouble.

Can this strategy be applied to swing trading?

Absolutely! In particular, the Multiday section of the course focuses on identifying those longer-term areas of support and resistance through the use of our custom DateVWAP, AutoVWAP, and EventVWAP indicators.

We’d also encourage you to watch the Intraday section as well, given that the broad mechanics across various VWAPs are identical — albeit at a smaller scale.

Can this strategy be applied to Futures trading?

Yes, and many traders who have taken the course trade Futures exclusively. As long as the instruments you’re focusing on are consistently liquid (i.e. Emini [ES or NQ], Crude oil [CL], Gold [GC], etc.) then you’re good to go.

We use equities charts and terminology throughout the course to teach the strategy, though the same concepts directly translate to Futures with perhaps slightly larger risk tolerance and accommodation for certain markets’ idiosyncrasies (crop reports, limited trading hours, geopolitical or other externalities, etc.)

And in our community chatroom, we're always monitoring ES and NQ in particular through the lens of VWAP — identifying levels to watch and providing commentary on the trickle-down effect their performance has on any equities we're monitoring.

Can this strategy be applied to cryptocurrencies?

Yes, with the caveat that the coin in question trades with sufficient liquidity on an intraday basis. The obvious candidates matching this condition are Bitcoin and Ethereum, and we have members utilizing VWAPs of varying lengths and their associated standard deviation bands for both intraday and swing trading purposes on both of those coins.

We don’t cover any crypto-related examples in the course, but the concepts we cover still translate.

Can this strategy be used on Forex?

Yes, but there are some general limitations when doing so. Given that those markets don’t actively display transaction volume, the only way to calculate and plot a volume-weighted average price on the currency exchanges is to estimate and approximate volume. This removes the dynamic “volume-weighted” benefits that VWAP creates.

We’ve had some Forex traders tell us that they have successfully implemented VWAP anyway, but we always want to present that caveat to Forex traders so they’re aware of the drawbacks and that the education isn’t explicitly designed with those markets in mind.

Do you use any other indicators alongside VWAP?

The main course modules focus solely on VWAP in its various forms, and does not delve into any additional indicators. The strategy is designed to be comprehensive, intuitive, and standalone.

However, you're not required to eliminate any other tools or forms of technical analysis that you feel comfortable with and find to be helpful. The host of our community's daily live stream frequently discusses how he incorporates additional tools like volume profile, market mechanics, and more alongside our core strategy and trade types.

What kind of stocks do you recommend trading with this strategy?

For those trading equities, we recommend focusing on charts that trade with sufficient and consistent liquidity. This means that most symbols listed on the major exchanges tend to be in play.

This is a broad recommendation that applies to equities of all price ranges — large cap, mid cap, and small cap. We have members who trade solely "blue chip" names or indices/sector ETFs, and then we also have traders focusing primarily on small cap gappers/runners.

So as long as there's sufficient volume, the charts you choose to focus on are typically just a matter of personal preference.