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Custom-Coded VWAP Indicators

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Available for:

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Our custom intraday VWAP study, which includes standard deviation bands, an optimized user interface, and more.

Anchoring to the open of each market day by default, this indicator serves as an essential visual reference point and is a core part of our framework for intraday trading.

Core features:

Multiple standard deviation band inputs

Dynamic color-coding for plots and clouds

Day, Week, or Month presets for VWAP length

Adjustable tolerance bands for zone buffers

Customizable colors and line styles for all plots

Custom intraday VWAP 1 Custom intraday VWAP 2


Available for:

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Anchored VWAP 1 Anchored VWAP 2

DateVWAP gives traders the power to launch a VWAP and deviation bands from any candle in a chart's history.

By far our most powerful tool, this indicator features multiple presets to anchor VWAPs using YYYYMMDD HHMM format, a user-selected number of days ago, or automatically identified highs and lows.

Core features:

Both manual and automatic input methods

Capability to plot standard deviation bands

Toggle on/off chart labels for quick analysis

Automatic preset to anchor to chart's IPO

Customizable colors and line styles for all plots

BUY — $75


Available for:

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Measure and monitor the slope of intraday VWAP to gauge the intensity of price moves in either direction.

Aspect is first and foremost a confirmation tool, which we've incorporated into our approach to help assess the quality of potential setups (and likelihood of continuation) as they develop.

Core features:

Adjustable lookback period for slope calculation

Multiple different display styles

Sensitivity presets for different market types

Customizable sensitivity input for full user control

DevWidth and Position (Z-Score) modes on TOS and TV

BUY — $75
VWAP Slope Indicator 1 VWAP Slope Indicator 2


Available for:

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Anchored VWAP 1 Anchored VWAP 2

Automatically identify notable highs and lows from any chart's history and launch VWAPs from those key levels.

An essential tool for traders wishing to rotate through tickers and/or timeframes, AutoVWAP provides significant time savings and removes much of the guesswork required when anchoring longer-term VWAPs.

Core features:

Automatic or Manual (find H/L within X bars) search methods

Option to visualize search zones and VWAP initiation points

Multiple highlight methods (line, dot, BarID) included

Works on any chart length or bar size (1-min, 5-min, etc)

Customizable colors and line styles for all plots

BUY — $75


Available for:

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Requiring no specific date input from the user, EventVWAP automatically launches VWAPs from notable past events — selected by the user from a list of available presets.

Created to complement our DateVWAP indicator, this tools provides significant time savings when searching for relevant initiation points in a chart's history.

Core features:

thinkorswim presets: Earnings, Gaps, Options Expiry, Swing

TradingView presets: Earnings, Gaps

Anchor up to four VWAPs of the same type at once

Customizable colors and line styles for all plots

Adjustable gap threshold to qualify as anchor point

BUY — $75
Anchored VWAP 3 Anchored VWAP 4

VWAP Boulevard

Available for:

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VWAP Boulevard 1 VWAP Boulevard 2

Effective on multiple timeframes, VWAP Boulevard automatically detects the three highest-volume candles in a chart's history and launches both static and continuous VWAPs from the identified anchor point.

Our rendition of a concept popularized by AllDayFaders, this indicator is available for all traders to try out for free.

Core features:

Plots both static and continuous VWAPs

Automated or user-selected fixed lookback period

Anchor up to three VWAPs of each type at once

Customizable colors and line styles for all plots

Multiple mode presets for different applications



Available for:

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Just as the name implies, this indicator automatically calculate and displays several key VWAP metrics in a consolidated interface.

Working hand-in-hand with our Intraday indicator, Dashboard allows traders to quickly assess a chart's volatility in the content of its intraday volume weighted average price.

Core features:

Track deviation width and distance from VWAP ($ and %),

Position size calculator for rapid risk assessment

Toggle between intraday, weekly, and monthly VWAP metrics

All metrics can be turned on/off by user

Position on chart adjustable in TradingView

BUY — $75
VWAP metrics dashboard 1 VWAP metrics dashboard 2

Average Volume

Available for:

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Average Volume 1 Average Volume 2

Utilize any one of four different analysis methods to compare the current day's volume to historical benchmarks of the chart in use.

Average Volume is more so a bonus indicator that isn't directly incorporated in our strategy, but it provides a unique and detailed look into volume analysis for those interested.

Core features:

Four different display methods

Compare current vol vs historical avg at same time of day

User-defined rolling MA to track volume-per-bar over time

Plot volume as raw dollars and track vs daily/bar averages

Compare volume of current bar to same bar on prior days

BUY — $75

Annual members recieve lifetime access to every indicator.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any recurring fees to keep using the indicators?

Absolutely not. All indicator purchases include free lifetime access with no recurring fees. Even if you gain access to them for free with a membership plan that you eventually cancel, you'll still be able to log in and re-download them if needed.

Do I need all of the indicators to be able to implement your strategy?

No, you do not. Intraday, DateVWAP, and Aspect are our three core indicators and they are available for all four of the listed charting platforms.

AutoVWAP, EventVWAP, Boulevard, Dashboard, and Average Volume aren't critical, and their absence won't prevent you from effectively implementing our framework on TradeStation or NinjaTrader 8. They are all complementary tools designed to save time and make your life easier, but you're able to get by without them if necessary.

How do I access the indicators?

Whether you sign up for an annual membership or purchase any of the indicators separately, you'll be able to access them immediately via our member portal.

How do I add the indicators to my platform?

Our member portal provides step-by-step instructions to help you add each indicator to your charting platform. And if you're still having trouble, you're always welcome to reach out with questions if needed.

Can the TradeStation indicators be used on MultiCharts as well?

While some indicators are compatible on both TradeStation and Multicharts, this is not the case with our tools. They were created on and for TradeStation 10, and attempting to install them on MultiCharts will result in compilation errors.