A better way to trade.

In-depth education focusing on the market's most overlooked technical indicator — volume weighted average price.

A better way to trade.

In-depth education focused on the market's most overlooked technical indicator — VWAP.

SPY chart example with VWAP and deviation bands SPY chart example with no VWAP

Drag the slider above to view an intraday chart of SPY with intraday VWAP and standard deviation bands applied.

Why care about VWAP?

Institutional traders have been utilizing advanced applications of volume-weighted average price for decades, but it's chronically misused by the majority of retail traders.

By incorporating additional concepts like standard deviation bands and longer-term anchored VWAPs, you'll start to uncover otherwise hidden levels of support and resistance that are hiding in plain sight.

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Meet our founder, Zach Hurwitz.

A full-time trader since 2008, Zach has dedicated nearly his entire career to studying and using volume-weighted average price.

After being invited to appear on Chat With Traders in early 2015, I made the impulse decision to make myself available for free 30-minute calls with anyone willing to reach out. To my complete surprise, thousands of traders have responded since then to discuss their own story and interest in my approach.

Motivated by both a desire to help those traders and an opportunity to supplement my trading income, I launched TheVWAP in 2016 as a resource and community for anyone seeking the same clarity I was when I first began.

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