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Why should you care about VWAP?

Volume-weighted average price has been a staple of the institutional trading world for decades, but the retail trading community still hasn’t caught up. Our goal is to help level that playing field.

It’s frequently overlooked and chronically misused, with many traders believing it to be “just another moving average” to add to your charts.

By expanding its application to include additional concepts like standard deviation bands and longer-term VWAPs, you’ll uncover hidden areas of support and resistance that are hiding in plain sight.

TSLA chart example with VWAP and deviation bands TSLA chart example with no VWAP

Drag the slider above to view an intraday chart of Tesla [TSLA] with intraday VWAP and standard deviation bands applied.

What does the toolkit include?

Detailed eBook

Our eBook — the Roadmap — covers the basics of VWAP and introduces you to the advanced concepts that we incorporate in our strategy.

In-depth webinar

You can dive deeper into the concepts we cover in the eBook with this walkthrough webinar and Q&A session that we previously held live.

Free indicator

We utilize multiple custom-coded indicators to help us implement our VWAP-based approach, and we'll give you one of them to try out yourself.

Video instruction

To pair with the other toolkit resources, we're making one of our previously protected video lessons available for you to watch for free.

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