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Indicator Overview

Our free VWAP indicator — which we call “Intraday” — is a custom tool that’s available for thinkorswim, TradingView, NinjaTrader 8, and TradeStation. It allows you to:

Plot intraday VWAP with optional standard deviation bands

Utilize presets for week-to-date or month-to-date VWAPs

Use cloud-coloring, dynamic plot styles, and other UI features

Display user-defined “tolerance” levels for deviation bands

This is one of the primary indicators we use to implement our VWAP trading strategy, serving as an essential visual reference point for any chart.

SPY chart example with our free VWAP indicator applied SPY chart example with no indicators applied

Drag the slider above to view a comparison of an intraday chart of SPY from 7/19/2022 with our free VWAP indicator applied versus without.

When plotted alongside intraday VWAP, standard deviation bands help create a universally applicable grid system that can be used to segment price action into distinct zones — each with a different set of unique characteristics and expectations.

This is a concept we discuss in much greater detail in our free VWAP strategy guide.

We utilize this grid for both broader chart analysis and specific trade mechanics like entry/exit signals, defining risk levels or initial and ongoing trades, and more.

Very few charting platforms provide sufficient built-in VWAP tools, and Intraday is intended to replace the default VWAP indicator provided by any of the available platforms — thinkorswim, TradingView, NinjaTrader 8, and TradeStation.