Limited-time offer: Get all of our custom indicators for free with your first month of access.

Limited-time: All custom indicators included for free with first month.

Membership Features

A detailed look at everything included with your membership.


On-Demand Course

Our video library contains just over 16 hours of on-demand education, organized into a structured curriculum. We'll walk you through our entire framework, starting with the foundations of VWAP before progressing into its more advanced applications.

The available lessons cover key concepts like:

Applying VWAP and standard deviation bands to interpret price action

Identifying and evaluating our four primary trade setups

Interpreting the slope of VWAP to assess market type and intensity

Utilizing anchored VWAPs for higher timeframe chart analysis

Prioritizing higher quality setups and creating a defined trade plan

Risk management on both an account-level and per-trade basis

Managing ongoing trades and determining clear exit criteria

Additionally, we discuss core trading considerations like setting up your charts, choosing what market(s) to focus on, when and how to consider scaling up, etc.

We also provide detailed tutorials on all of our custom indicators and how we utilize them to implement the key concepts mentioned above.


Community Chatroom

Hosted on Discord, our chatroom is the primary hub of our community. It serves as an ongoing educational resource to build upon everything taught in the course, as well as a source of real-time insight and analysis during trading hours.

We actively track and evaluate the major US indices through the lens of VWAP, monitor upcoming events and catalysts, discuss potential setups as they develop, share charts for review and feedback, and answer any questions members may have.

Our commentary is designed to be all-inclusive and focused on underlying chart movement first and foremost, so traders of all different focus areas are welcome. We have members that focus on large caps, small caps, options, Futures, cryptocurrencies — you name it.

Additionally, our moderators have experience with each of those market types. So, we’re always happy to discuss the nuances of implementing our strategy through the use of options versus equities, day trading versus swing trading, etc.


Live Trading Stream

Starting at 9:00am ET every trading day, we host a live trading stream that’s available to all members. Accessible through our Discord, the stream features one of our primary moderators — James — sharing his screen and sharing his thought process as he looks to execute trades in real-time.

Our other moderators often join the sessions as well, and collectively we dive even deeper into the nuances of our framework with three main goals:

Further reinforce the concepts taught in our on-demand course

Demonstrate how these concepts can be applied in real-time

Provide market-related insight as the trading day unfolds

The live stream also provides a chance to answer any member questions in much greater detail, and we welcome that participation from those seeking clarity on a particular topic.

Every session is recorded and saved, so any members that can’t attend a particular session and wish to review it are able to do so.


Real-Time VWAP Scans

Also available through Discord, our real-time scanner alerts members to 100+ prequalified instances of our primary VWAP trade setups every trading day. Delivered via an automated bot, the scans are comprised of both long and short-biased opportunities.

It’s important to note that these are not recommended "trade alerts". We believe in teaching self-sufficiency, not reliance on others. Their purpose is not to tell you what you should trade, but rather to help you find potential opportunities.

You still need to evaluate each setup using the methods we cover in-depth throughout the course and structure your own trade plan if you decide it's worth pursuing.


Weekly Webinars

Once a week we host a webinar outside of market hours to revisit recent setups, answer questions, and drill down on particular topics. We also invite members to turn on their own mics and contribute to certain conversations.

Our chatroom includes a specific channel that allows traders to share specific trades — whether successful or unsuccessful — throughout the week, and we’ll often use this time to recap those posts and provide our feedback.

We know some members are unable to attend our intraday live stream due to work or life obligations, so this weekly session also provides an opportunity for them to participate and contribute to the community.


Priority Chat Support

Whenever you have a question, one of our team members is just a direct message away. We pride ourselves on thorough, responsive support whenever it’s required, and we encourage clarifying questions about our strategy, indicators, or anything else trading-related.

We believe that for education to be effective, you need to be able to ask any and all questions you may have as they arise. Those questions will evolve as your experience level grows, and we have a dedicated team that will do everything we can to make ourselves available when needed.


Custom Indicators

We have an entire page dedicated to our custom VWAP indicators so we won't spend much time discussing them here, but they're still important to mention.

Our three core indicators — Intraday, DateVWAP, and Aspect — are available for thinkorswim, TradingView, NinjaTrader 8, and TradeStation. In addition, we have five more available for thinkorswim and four more for TradingView.

They're all included for free with our annual membership plan or available separately.