VWAP Boulevard for thinkorswim

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Download the indicator below and watch the video tutorial to get started.

Effective on multiple timeframes, VWAP Boulevard auto-detects the three highest-volume candles in a chart's history and launches both static and continuous VWAPs from each of the identified anchor points.

Please be sure to read through this entire page for a full overview of the indicator and import instructions.


Important Considerations

We strongly recommend adding at least one bar of expansion area to the right of your charts, which will enable the indicator to properly update on a daily chart if the current day becomes a new Boulevard level.

To do so, pull up your chart settings (CTRL + S on any chart) and click on the "Time axis" tab. Change the "Expansion area" option to any value greater than 0, then click "Apply" and "OK".

Settings - Inputs


Choose from different methods specifying the range and type of highVol search (and VWAP calculation) used.

[max] DAYS — Static: Popularized by @team3dstocks, this seeks highest volume days (regardless of their presence on the visible chart, or before) within the user-specified length [default = 250] and records the corresponding daily VWAP as a constant.

[chart] DAYS — Static: Popularized by @team3dstocks, this seeks highest volume days on the total available, current chart ONLY and records the corresponding daily VWAP as a constant.

[chart] DAYS — Live: Same as above, but with continuous (live, ongoing) VWAPs from qualifying highVol days.

[chart] BARS — Static: This searches for the highest volume BARS (rather than days) on the available chart, presenting recorded VWAP values from each qualifying bar.

[chart] BARS — Live: Seeking highest volume bars, but with continuous (live, ongoing) VWAPs.

VWAP Count

Choose how many High Volume instance VWAPs to display. Selecting more than "One" engages detection for up to the three next sequentially highest-volume instances smaller than the primary (highest volume) event, either for the visible chart (or beyond, when 'Mode' is set to [max search] DAYS — Static VWAP).

Display Extras

Select additional identifying Labels (along the upper chart edge, just under the title bar), Lines (appearing vertically on the price chart), Both, or None.


The number of trading days backwards (current day = 0; default length = 250 days) over which the [max search] DAYS — Static VWAP mode seeks for qualifying high-volume events.

Show Today Only?

Displays target bar or day levels ONLY on the current trading day. This does not impact computation; only display.

Show Bubbles

Display chart bubbles showing the numeric 'name' of each VWAP (where 1 = highest volume day or bar, 2 = 2nd highest volume day or bar, etc.) for easy visual identification.

Show Search Range

Display a vertical line to signify the beginning of the search range when in [max search] DAYS — Static VWAP mode.

Settings - Plots

rVW1 — rVW2 — rVW3

Change the color, line style, width, and title/bubble displays for the three static Boulevards.

cVW1 — cVW2 — cVW3

Change the color, line style, width, and title/bubble displays for the three continuous Boulevards.

Settings - Globals


This section allows you to change the colors of either of the three Boulevard levels. Any selections here will override choices made in the Plots tab located above it.

Importing the Indicator

Step 1 — Download the code by clicking above. The indicator will appear as a zipped folder titled “TheVWAP-Boulevard”. Open your Downloads, right-click the folder and select “Extract All”. Click Browse, choose your desired destination for the unzipped folder and then click “Extract”.

VWAP Boulevard thinkorswim 1

Step 2 — Your unzipped folder should contain two files — one code file and one text file. Don't click anything just yet. The code file may produce an error if you attempt to open it, but this is just due to thinkorswim's ".ts" file extension making your PC think it's something other than TOS code.

VWAP Boulevard thinkorswim 2

Step 3 — Open thinkorswim and pull up any blank chart. Right-click anywhere within the chart, mouse over “Studies”, and click “Edit Studies”. You can also use the key combination [Control+E] to access the Edit Studies window from any chart.

VWAP Boulevard thinkorswim 3

Step 4 — Click “Import…” to pull up the “Load STUDY” window and browse through the drop-down menu to locate the unzipped folder saved on your computer. Open the folder, highlight the study, and click “Open”.

VWAP Boulevard thinkorswim 4

Step 5 — The study has now been loaded onto your platform but you still need to add it to your chart. Use the search bar on the left hand side to find the indicator you just imported — searching for "VWAP" is an easy, quick way. Next, click “Add selected”, and then click “Apply”.

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Step 6 — Success! You've added VWAP Boulevard to your platform and can now play around with the built-in settings.

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